Monday, May 7, 2012

Satyameva Jayate

Well after a long wait finally the Perfectionist arrived on Star TV. The debut episode of Satyameva Jayate depicted not just the stark reality of female infanticide in a hard-hitting, yet, without hitting too hard, non-preachy way, but also showed up Aamir in a new role, that of a competent anchor, which he played to perfection. Deserves to be the Perfectionist.

Towards the issue of girl child having lost their lives in India, since Independence,  before being born, it’s not as if the issue hasn't been touched upon in umpteen TV documentaries, programmes and even serials. The difference was in the presentation and the content. This time the issue has been embossed on the mind n heart of the society. Every Indian should spare a few minutes and think about it….

The two TV journalists Meena Sharma and Shripal Shaktawat, hats off to them as the two had undertaken a sting operation in Rajasthan to expose the unhealthy nexus between doctors and offenders, seven years ago. Seven years on, the indicted doctors continue to practice, while the journalist-duo appear in court cases. This is a real shame for our Judiciary system…..the culprits are enjoying their life and two poor journalists are forced to attend the hearings of court.

With a promise to be pro-active, Satyameva Jayate had Aamir Khan inviting viewers to participate in an open letter which he would address to the CM of Rajasthan to initiate a fast track court and dispel justice soon.

We should not just speak out of this episode for a while and forget it in our busy life, we all should realize our responsibility and do the needful to eradicate this issue from the society. Not only in India but should be round the globe, then n then only we can proudly say Satyameva Jayate !!!!!!!!!!
Moreover wishing a very Good Luck to Mr. Aamir Khan and his team.

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